Chemical peels, will I get red and look like a monster?

The answer is NO, you will not leave my place red or looking like a monster. Modern peels are designed to enhance your skin with as little downtime as possible.

Will I look 20 again after one facial?

The answer is NO, if that was the case,  I would have discovered the fountain of youth and  that would be a dream come true,

The truth is that the aging is a long process and so is the reversal process. A facial is a really good start to cleanse your pores, get a skin analysis and a great introduction to other more advanced treatments.

How often do I need a facial? Is once a year enough?

Is going to the gym once a year enough to loose weight and tone your body?

I recommend monthly facials to maintain your skin clean and improve skin conditions. I customize all facials to your skin goal.

Do I really need products?

Yes, I definitely recommend a daily skin regimen, it's pretty much like going to the dentist to get a cleaning and never brush or floss your teeth at home.

I can only do so much during your treatment, a continuous skin regimen is highly recommended to get better and faster results to reach your skin goals.

Does dermaplaning permanently remove hair and will it grow back thicker?

No, dermaplaning is not laser hair removal and is not permanent nor will it make your hair grow back any thicker.

Dermaplaning is like shaving, it removes the peach fuzz for up to 6 weeks, removes dead skin cells, will leave your skin silky smooth and get your make-up on flawlessly.

Have you heard of skincare X, skincare machine Y and social media post Z?

No most likely I haven't. I constantly go to seminars, classes and I attend at least one skin convention a year to further educate myself. I love learning about the latest proven technologies and skincare products however to keep up with all the millions of social media and online posts, videos, reviews etc I would not have any time treating my clients and my number 1 priority is to reach your skin goals so that you are leaving my place feeling amazing, rejuvenated and younger looking!